Kevin Kimmel is Jimmy Kimmel's son who has done some prank calls either alone or with his sister Katie. He is the youngest Crank Yanker on the show having started making prank calls at age 9.

When people ask for his and Katie's parents, all he does is deepen his voice and put on Groucho glasses.

List of Prank Calls Edit

  • Asked for a house sitter in a newspaper ad, and claimed to be a rich millionaire kid who wants a slave. He went on to verbally harass the guy when that guy called him out for being too young to be someone's boss. The guy then refused to be some kid's slave. This call was difficult for Kevin to do because the unnamed guy barely knew English.
  • (With Katie) Asked a meat butcher for pig feet, chicken breasts and hot dogs.
  • (With Katie) Asked a bowling alley manager if he has 8 pound balls
  • Asked a female librarian on what does "topology" mean and hounded her to hurry up and do his homework for him so he can get to watching SpongeBob in spite of making her repeat the definition in different tones.
  • Asked another female librarian to define "hospitable" and then "bitch".

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Kevin and Katie's parents went through a divorce before Kevin and Katie appeared on the show and so their mother was written out of the show. Their father was dating Sarah Silverman (another Crank Yanker) at the time.
  • A Season 2 episode shows that he served in the Young Male Scouts.
  • He seems to have a fat face.